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This one is about: A Guaranteed Cleft - A Theory

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Joanne Green of Wide Smiles writes:

Here's my idea of a 'Guaranteed Cleft':

Mom and dad both carry the genes, mom loves liver and spinach, shuns anything with folic acid, smokes like a chimney, takes Dylantin for seizure control and lives near a nuclear reactor.

Of course, I don't think that describes any of us, but we should do what we can to be as far removed from that scenario as we can. (No conclusive evidence concerning the nuclear reactor - I just threw it in.) Like I said before, if we KNOW the evidence we can use common sense and exercise reasonable caution.

Dr. Kirt Simmons adds:

I would simply add isotretinoin (Accutane is what's it's prescribed as) during the first trimester, especially large doses - You will get AT LEAST a cleft - It's given for acne. Not supposed to prescribe without contraceptive measures. Could alternatively use Thalidomide prior to conception and during first trimester.

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