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This one is about: Chapped, Cracked Peeling Lips - Try Bag Balm

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In a discussion on cleft-talk, the email discussion list, someone asked 
about cracked, dry lips. This was a suggestion shared by another parent.

Hi my name is Theresa, and I am a mom of a CL-CP child, named Brittany, who is 5 years old. She too has this problem, and we have found something to keep her lip soft and smooth, and if we do it faithfully, her lip does not peel in the winter or the summer. It is an old times remedy for the utter of cows... it is called "Bag Balm", it is an antiseptic type cream that we use as often in the day as we think of it, and it truly has made all the difference for Brittany. You can find it in your local pharmacy, sometimes you need to ask the pharmacist, because it may be behind their counter.

Anyway, as I was browsing the messages, I saw this and felt excited to share a wonderful idea to you all ...


A response from another parent:

This is funny, because my father (a pharmacist) and I were just talking about bag balm. When I was a kid I had a terrible problem with my fingertips cracking and splitting open in the wintertime (which is most of the time in Buffalo where I grew up). So we used to put bag balm on, wrap my fingers in saran wrap, and then white cotton gloves before bed each night. Sounds bizarre, I know, but it was the only thing that worked. Now, my Dad says they can't keep bag balm on the shelves in the pharmacy, because so many people use it for so many things! I still have a can on the shelf in my medicine's great stuff.


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