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This one is about: Sharon Gerfen's Personal Trip to Holland and Beyond

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Sharon Gerfen's Personal Trip To Holland and Beyond

AS a parent who has a child who was born with some special problems and then later acquired another one, I felt the need to express a continuation of the Trip to Holland. For most parents the thing we want most for our children is happiness and acceptance and a return to "normalcy"  whatever that means...

--Sharon Gerfen

My addition:


Well, for some of us, we started our trip in Italy. We looked at all the beautiful sights. We went on guided tours, did all the touristy things. And took for granted all that we had seen and done.

In the middle of one of these tours, Our host takes us aside and puts us on a plane. We begin to ask questions. "What is going on?" "Where are we going?" "Why the change in plans?" But our host turns away and leaves.

The plane taxis down the runway and finally takes off. We fly around and around and around, waiting quietly for someone to tell us what is going on.

Finally the plane lands, And the pilot says, "We have landed in Holland." "Holland" we say. "We know nothing of Holland." "How do we get around?" "Where do we go?" "What do we do?"

We get off the plane and wander around for weeks on end, trying to find our way. Then slowly, we begin meeting people, who help us to find our way. We learn the new language, And we learn to enjoy all what Holland has to offer.

And even though we find that we are comfortable in Holland, We still yearn for a return trip to Italy. So we scrimp and we save, Because tickets are so dear, til we have enough to purchase that ticket. We board the plane and begin our flight back to Italy.

It's not a jet we take, But a prop plane and The weather is stormy at best.

When we land, the people are looking, because most have not seen visitors from Holland before. But after a while, they stop looking because they realize a fact that we already know. It's not where you come from or been that matters. It's who you are that's most important of all.

--Sharon Gerfen

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