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This one is about: What Kind of Sippy Cup works Best?

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What kind of sippy cup works best?

*****A post from Penny*****

About sippy cups - those ones that Joanne mentioned appear to be made by Playtex now. It stills says something about Snap 'n' Tote on the label. Andrew can only use ones that pour quickly out of the tip. The best ones have a second hole on the other side that lets the air in. My favorites are the "juice" cups by Gerber. They are small and have ounce measurements on the side. Also I like the "gem" collection ones by Gerber that have handles.

Tupperware seems to have changed their sippy cups. The stuff comes out too slowly. Maybe someday Andrew will suck better. There is also a sippy attachment that you can use with Playtex (disposable) bottles. It works great if you remove the "valve". The tip is wide and there isn't so much spillage (while drinking).

*****Here's another post on Sippy Cups from Dana*****

With both boys, the cups with a long, wide, flat, spout seemed to work best. With Kyle, it seemed that he wanted the cup touching his nose, as if that was his sign to drink. I thought maybe it mimicked the Playtex bottles we used which touched his nose, too. I don't know why these seemed to work better with Evan. Again, maybe it's because the spout goes so far into his mouth, but it's not so far as to endanger his palate. We don't let him walk around with the cup, though. The last thing I need is for him to fall with it in his mouth and split everything open.

*****Post-palate repair sippy cups*****

I have found a great (post palate repair) sippy cup. It is the only one so far that I have found that Andrew can suck through and is also 100% spill proof. It's by Gerber. They are upside down in the package. The valve is hard plastic with a little cross cut "nipple" inside. They are about $3.50 here.

Pre palate repair, you need to find cups that have an air inlet hole on the other side of the top. Since the liquid is going to just pour out, instead of being sucked. The Gerber "juice cups" worked great for Andrew. Also there is a silicone sipping "nipple" for bottles also by Gerber.

Now he can use the Tupperware ones just fine, but Joanne (our fearless leader) is right, they chew the heck out of those tops. Too soft.


*****Melissa's input on sippy cups*****

I just wanted to say ditto to what Penny said about the new Gerber no-spill sippy cups. Hannah was not able to suck hard enough to get the juice/milk from the Playtex sippy cups. She would become very frustrated and mad when she was not able to get anything from these sippy cups and usually ended up just throwing it down. I bought one of the Gerber sippy cups after seeing an ad for them. They advertise that they are 50% easier to suck. Hannah was able to suck from these just fine and I didn't have to worry about spills (and her slipping on spilt liquid).

Another great thing that happened is after about 2 weeks with the Gerber cup, I decided to have her try the Playtex cup again. I really didn't expect her to be able to suck from it, because she had so much difficulty with it before. Would you believe she could suck just fine from the Playtex cup.

I think that the Gerber cup helped her to exercise her palate muscles and actually taught her how to really suck from a sippy cup. So now, I can give her any sippy cup and she does great.

The only place that I have been able to find the Gerber cups were at Toys R Us. Our WalMart doesn't have them. But they are definitely worth finding and trying.

Melissa and Hannah

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