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The following URLs which are chock full of basic and advanced information about traches. I hope those of you who need this information benefit from it. The most informative URL is the second one. It provides everything you need to know about how to deal with infants and traches. -- DON

(Note: As of 5/2000 this 2nd link doesn't work. Anyone with the correct URL, please email

One parent's experience: Her son was born with Pierre Robin

I don't think you can say enough about how hard these children are to intubate. After my son was born it took several tries to get him intubated. They had to order and keep a size00 blade by his bed in case they needed to reintubate him. Again when he had RSV and his lungs were collapsing it took four tries by a very skilled attending to intubate him and this was done only after they requested someone from ENT come up with a thing with a light on the end to held guide the tube down. Then because of the fear of this dislodging and the fact the respirator was his life support during this illness no one could pick him up. Pierre Robin children's airway are not only small but apparently the angle in which the tube needs to go in makes intubation very difficult.

-- Margie

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