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Duane Syndrome

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From the NORD (National Organization Of Rare Disorders) site:

Duane Syndrome

It is possible that Duane Syndrome may not be the name that you expected. Your physician may have given you another name for this disease. Please check the synonyms listed below to find other names for this specific disorder.

Duane Syndrome Type I
Duane Syndrome Type II
Duane Syndrome Type III
DR Syndrome
Duane's Retraction Syndrome
Eye Retraction Syndrome
Retraction Syndrome
Stilling-Turk-Duane Syndrome

Abstract (General Discussion)

The information contained in the Rare Disease Database (RDB) is provided for educational purposes only. It should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. If you order the full text version of this report from NORD, you can contact the agencies listed in the Resources section for more detailed information and avenues to support. In addition, your personal physician may be able to provide details specific to your case.

Duane Syndrome is a rare inherited disorder of eye movement characterized by limited motion of the eye from side to side (horizontal motility). This disorder belongs to a group of eye disorders associated with ocular abnormalities that result in a cross-eyed appearance (strabismus). The symptoms of Duane Syndrome, which are present at birth (congenital), may include retraction of the eyeball, impaired ability to move the eye, and compensating face-turning. The exact cause of Duane Syndrome is not known. However, it may occur in association with a variety of other disorders. Three types of Duane Syndrome are recognized, based on the specific form of eye impairment.


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