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Summertime Tips
by Joanne Green

Ok, so summer is upon us - or at least, for many of us, hot weather is here. Here are some reminders that will help our kids get through this summer season without a hitch.

1.  The sun has devastating affects on a scar.  Be sure your child wears sun block, and be sure the scar area is blocked well.

2.  If your child is in arm restraints during hot weather, you may want to powder the arms with cornstarch. Those restraints can get hot, and the heat can cause perspiration, and the perspiration can cause a rash. Corn starch tends to soak up the moisture, without that burning you get from talc.

3.  If your child has ear tubes, be sure you have GOOD plugs for water play. Splashed water CAN penetrate through the tube and you are looking at ear infections if it does.

4. Do NOT use silly putty, play dough, or any other product not manufactured for the ears as ear plugs. Yes, they used to be suggested - - even by ENT's, but Play Dough gets hard and flakey and Silly Putty melts. It gets to be incredibly embarrassing having to explain to the folks in the emergency room why you chose to shove Silly Putty into your child's ear.

5. Kids with tubes in their ears should NOT dive in deep water. The change in water pressure, even a few feet below the surface, can cause problems that will lead to direction confusion when underwater. The child can become so disoriented that he cannot determine which direction is up. This could be life threatening.

That's all I can think of for right now. If anyone has anything to add, please do. Send to

Hope this all leads to a happy, safe and fun summer for everyone!

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