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Music's Effects During Surgery

From _The Oregonian_ Health/Science section recently (sometime May 97)

"Patients who name their tune benefit in surgery, study says"

Allowing patients to select music they'd like to hear during operations can improve their experience markedly, researchers from the University of Buffalo found in a study of 40 people undergoing outpatient eye surgery.

Patients who listened to their music of choice had lower heart rates, blood pressure and cardiac workload than those who didn't hear music, the researchers reported to the annual meeting in Santa Fe, NM of the American Psychosomatic Society.

"If this were a drug intervention, people would be clamoring for it," said Karen Allen, a Buffalo, NY researcher. "Patients like it. It's cheap and effective and has no negative side effects."

Lark found and noted above reference, she aptly thought of young kids: Bert 'n' Ernie's blockbusters during medical stuff

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