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Massage after muscle surgery

(Suggested by a Lark, a massage therapist)

After surgery which cuts thru muscles, you might want to consider a session or two of massage therapy just as soon as it's healed enough that touch wouldn't be painful. Example, if they go through some of the really big hip muscles/tendons massage will help break down any adhesions that form afterward. Muscular adhesions (muscle sticking to itself and to other things it shouldn't as it heals) can cause pain/stiffness/irritation for years afterward, and they can be prevented if someone gets in there early enough while things can still be gently pulled apart. You will be slightly altering how your body carries its weight for a little while, so you may also have some abnormal tension on the OTHER side of your body, too, that a massage therapist can help with. Massage is also good for helping get things back in working order (lymph flow, muscle function, etc) after any kind of prolonged bedrest (which is hard on bodies, because they're not designed for it.)

Also, Joanne's said a zillion times and it's true -- walking as much as they tell you to afterwards (ouch, I know . .) will make all the difference in the world, too.  Good luck.

Also I just remembered -- something I've been told to do a lot for soreness after heavy-duty bodywork/massage -- (after you're released to bathe, that is) Soaking in a tub as hot as you can stand it with a WHOLE box of baking soda and a whole box of table salt. Takes the lactic acid/other toxins out of muscles (which is part of what causes soreness). Works wonders, just don't do it more than once a week or so, or your skin will peel off in icky layers. :-(  Also makes the tub really slippery, so be warned! (yep -- both boxes of stuff WILL dissolve in bathwater, hard as that is to believe!

:) Lark
(Lark is a licensed Oregon massage therapist)

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