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Someone Who Cares

by Sherry Messnick

When you've known the meaning of sorrow,
and you've stalled at the foot of the stairs,
you'd give all you owe just to borrow
a SMILE from someone who cares.

When your so called friends won't come near you,
when they deal you out of their shares,
when you cry and there's no one to hear you,
now you ask for someone who cares.

When you've tried to come back and you're hurting,
the pain slaps your face unawares,
you'd settle for that final curtain,
if it weren't for someone who cares.

Don't despair and grow disenchanted,
an answer will come to your prayers,
but please don't take us for granted,
We are there, & and we are someone.....Who Cares.

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