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_Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster:  A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques_, by Peggy Huddleston.

The whole chapter on nutrition is by a plastic surgeon who was an asst. professor at U Mass Med Center at Worcester. (posted by Lark)

AVOID:  Motrin, Advil, aspirin, garlic, Vitamin E, selenium, EPA (a fish oil compound), Hawthorn berry.  All of these either interfere with clotting or wound healing.

Resume Vitamin E as soon as wound is healed, she says.

ADD/MAINTAIN:  Vitamin A--25,000 IU daily IF you're not pregnant. Bromelaine, from pineapple plant/fruit, is especially helpful because it helps dissolve blood under skin after surgery/trauma. Bromelaine can be started before surgery -- at 1000 mg per day and higher. On Vitamin C, the surgeon says, "I recommend that patients preparing for surgery take Vitamin C, at least one gram per day for a week prior to surgery, continuing for several weeks after their operation."

The surgeon says, "Before you put anything into your body, read about it and talk to knowledgeable practitioners.  Find out exactly what it does, and what interactions it may have with other medicines or supplements you may be taking."

HOWEVER, she also says, "The most popular physician answer to questions about nutritional supplements is, 'I can't advise you on that, it's up to you whether you take it or not." So, a registered pharmacist or a licensed naturopathic physician may be able to give you more info. So, double check, I guess, and let EVERYBODY know what you're considering taking! Hope that gives you more ideas. --Lark

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