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I am a social worker with the Craniofacial team in Seattle, Washington. I met a family in our clinic yesterday who had glowing reports of how helpful your site has been to them since the prenatal diagnosis of cleft lip and possible palate was given to there yet to be born son, some months ago. This is not the first time that families have commented on the accuracy and helpfulness of your info.. but I really wanted to thank you on the record for all your work.

Also, wanted to make sure you are aware that if parents from Washington State want to talk with someone "close to home" I am very open to getting referrals from you that I can then triage to others. I work closely with Pam Onyx from AboutFace and with Washington States Parent to Parent project.

Again , thanks for all you do and I hope to hear from you soon.

Cassy Aspinall, ACSW



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