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Hello Cleft-Talk! I am Debbie, Mom to Alisha, 10 years old. First off, a {BIG} thanks to all that prayed and sent warm notes to us. It was greatly appreciated and really helped.

Boy, I am glad the surgery part is behind us. Please, please keep praying this was successful. We visit the surgeon weekly for six weeks.

Alisha was quiet but nervous before the surgery. She did not want the mask to fall asleep with, so she thought she could do the IV. Well, when it came right down to it, she could not do the IV either. (can't blame her). So, the mask it was. She fought this....she just hates to be out of control....

We waited two hours that seemed to drag and finally saw the PS [plastic surgeon]. He said it was a struggle. She need a lot more bone then he expected. My heart sank when I heard this news. So, that is why I need you to still pray that this will be a success and her recovery won't be too bad.

She was pretty groggy in recovery, but complained about her hip right away. She fell in and out of sleep most of the time spent there and was pretty quiet, with a bit of moaning.

We went to our room and had a fantastic nurse. Tina was so sweet but did get firm when need to be. She had a 12 hr shift that day and we had her the whole 12 hrs. So, that was nice. Alisha did get sick a few times, but it was mostly old gunk and blood. (sorry guys).

She drank well and even started eating pretty soon.

The killer was walking to the bathroom. She was soooooo scared. It really hurt her. Dad kinda carried her the first time, but that did not work too well. She walked or rather hobbled back to bed.

She's home now watching TV and looking a lot better. She walks a lot better, but still winces. I can tell by her eyes that she really has pain when she walks or shifts in bed. But the main thing is she is trying to walk!

Whew it has been rough, but thank God she is doing well.

An extra big thanks to all.. for calling, etc etc for wonderful notes and advice. Friends are great, aren't they???!!!!

God bless All,
Debbie and Alisha

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