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Herbs -n- Breast Milk

The following was posted to Cleft-talk concerning using natural herbs to increase breastmilk production while pumping. As with any advice of this nature, you are encouraged to let your doctor know that you plan to use these herbs before you do so.


Came across some mention in the Digests of herbs that increase your milk. Here's what I found if anyone would like to try. I wish I would've been into herbs when I was pumping. I didn't have this knowledge when I needed it and, trust me, I would've been using them all because I didn't get much at all the whole 5 months I pumped. It became very frustrating for me.

1) Concentrated Brewers Yeast - 3-4 tablets a day or 16-18 regular tablets. Start slowly as it may cause some gas in the beginning. (I even had some Brewers Yeast around because we gave it to our dog for fleas)

2) Concentrated Alfalfa - 3-4 capsules a day. Chlorophyll Drink or Green Drink. (Don't use Parsley when preparing a 'green drink' as Parsley is used to dry up breast milk.)

3) Marshmallow Tea - drink warm as often as desired, or 2 capsules 3 or 4 times a day. Other teas; Blessed Thistle, Red Raspberry.

4) Fresh Salads, Romaine Lettuce, Sprouts, Green Drinks, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Carrot Juice, Apple Juice, etc.

I do know you can get Red Raspberry teas at the grocery store. Check the ingredients though because sometimes they add so many other things it's hardly Red Raspberry tea anymore. Brewers Yeast should be at the drug store.

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