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One Family's experience:

We are currently recovering from the lip surgery. Our surgeon is very strict on post-op feeding. He only allows feeding from a dixie cup. At first I was outraged at the thought of feeding such a small infant from a cup. But when you think about it, it really does make sense. He requires it this way so that there is not pressure or stretching of the newly repaired lip. When you use the cup, there is none of this. Nothing touches that precious lip that is filled with stitches and is sore from the surgery.

As soon as we learned of the requirement, I started practicing using the cup with Erika. Keep in mind that both the feeder and the feed-ee need to learn this new method of feeding. We did one cup feeding a day for a couple of months. And then a month before the surgery we started taking away the Haberman. By the last week, Erika was not too happy, and neither was I, about the cup feedings. It really paid off, though, because now, after surgery, she loves the cup. She is sucking down that milk and doesn't even miss the Haberman. In fact, I think we will keep her off the bottle from now on so that I won't have to go through weaning her from it again.

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