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This one is about: Regarding the Management of Anxiety and/or Pain

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One person shared that she hates needles and does not care for the blood draws that are necessary for pre-operative work, or for autologous blood donations. Vickie, a listmember of cleft-talk shared the following technique:

I too absolutely HATE needles, but I learned a relaxation technique in my childbirth education classes that really made a difference, it takes a little practice, but it works, I never would have made it through 27 hours of natural childbirth without it.

First, focus on one point in the room, I forgot my "focal point" but the ceiling tiles worked just fine!

Then, concentrating as much as you can on concentrating on the foci, feel yourself floating up, and your body relaxing, breathe slowly, and keep your body absolutely relaxed. When the stick comes breathe out, slowly, concentrating on the focal point.

You might try it, it is also a good technique for soothing frazzled nerves before surgery. (or for parents, during surgery as well)

Good Luck

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