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Our children may be required to use adhesive tape on sensitive skin at various times during the repair process. These adhesives can cause a painful and persistent rash very quickly.

There are some skin products available to help protect the skin from the rash that you get from adhesives. One is called pretac this puts a protective barrier on the skin for the tape to adhere to. The other is tincture of benzoin this will also protect the skin but will aid the tape or bandaid in sticking better. (We found this works especially well with the apnea leads during heavy drooling days!) with the benzion get the liquid and apply it with a Q-tip if using under a lead do not put the benzion under the disc itself. Both of these can be obtained at your local medical supply place or ordered at the pharmacy. They are inexpensive about $2.00 a bottle.

Another suggestion is this:

The last time Ian had surgery for his nasal stenosis, the doc recommended that we use a product called "Uni-Solve" adhesive remover made by SmithNephew. It "eases tape and adhesive dressing removal, reduces trauma from adhesive removal, is easy to use." It worked extremely well. You just need to rinse the skin with clear water after using. We found it at a medical specialty store, in the ostomy section. The doc also recommended using benzoin compound tincture, painted on the skin and allowed to dry BEFORE the tape or steri-strip is applied. It makes the adhesive stay stuck longer. I use this stuff to keep band aids on longer on hands and feet. It really does help.

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