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Ode To Cleft-Talk

by Leigh Austin

It can all seem so overwhelming.  Life, that is.
We think, "If only," or "If only I could"
"Should I?" or "If only I would."
"Why me" or "How come?"
Always feeling like coming undone.
Yes, sometimes it is overwhelming.
But - It is your life and no other's

For after all, this IS life -  As it should be.
Filled with miraculous mystery.
Only you can make your dreams come true
only you can find the beauty inside of you.
The challenge is great, but you are not alone -
You are blessed to have found this warm home.
Here you can cry, scream, shout and vent.
Giving and sharing the times you have spent
Laughing and caring, loving and supporting
Getting love in return and lots of comforting.
Oh what a glorious, overwhelming life we all share 
Filled with such love and hope, I am so glad you're there.

I wish I could take away all your pain.
No more troubles or sorrow, or "going insane."
But then I'd be taking the greatest gifts, you see.
Your growth, strength, wisdom;  Who you're meant to be.
Instead, I will try to add more laughter to your day 
and you try to smile as you wipe those tears away.
You are alive!  Be grateful for the time you have here.
For moments change, and time will disappear.
For now, I send you healing love to ease your pain,
strength to face your challenge, and allow you to live your life again.

For we can only be the best we can be
by being strong through adversity
and loving with all our hearts
and giving and sharing - doing our part
to raise the consciousness of those who don't
through kindness and gesture and tackling "I won't!"
With fierce tenacity and will to live,
I lovingly embrace you, my friends, We Give!

And therefore - We live.

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