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The following abbreviations are used frequently on Cleft-Talk:

(See related file: WS-231 Emoticons/Abbreviations for email/chats)

Most frequently used abbreviations are listed first:

CT = Cleft-Talk
WS = Wide Smiles

CA = Cleft-Affected
Non CA = Not Cleft-Affected
BCLP = Bilateral cleft lip and palate
UCLP = Unilateral cleft lip and palate
PRS = Pierre Robin Syndrome/ Sequence

ENT = Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist (Otolaryngologist)
PS = Plastic Surgeon

MJ = Mead Johnson Bottle (Cleft Palate Nurser)
POT = Plain old Tylenol (Acetominaphen)

AOL = America Online
AOL IM = America Online's Instant Messenger
BF = Breastfeed(ing)
CL = Cleft lip
CP = Cleft palate
CLP = Cleft lip and palate
DDS = Dentist
DX'D = Diagnosed
EIP = Early Intervention Program
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
G-tube = Gastrostomy (feeding) Tube
GI = Gastrointestinal tube
HMO = Health Maintenance Organization
IEP = Individual Education Plan (used with Early Intervention)
IM = Instant Message (Used with AOL and AOL IM)
INS CO = Insurance Company
IRC = Internet Relay Chat
IV = Intravenous
LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse
MD = Medical Doctor
Meds. = Medication(s)
NDA = Not Diagnosed with Anything
NG Tube = Nasogastric tube (feeding tube)
No-no's = Arm Restraints
NP = Nurse Practitioner
NPO = Nothing Passed Orally (by mouth)
OR = Operating Room
OS = Oral Surgeon
OT = Occupational Therapy or Occupational Therapist
PA = Physician's Assistant
Ped. = Pediatrician
PDR = Physicians' Desk Reference
PRN = "As needed"
PT = Physical Therapy or Physical Therapist
RN = Registered Nurse
RR = Recovery Room
RX = Prescription(s)
ST = Speech Therapy or Speech Therapist
TX = Treatment


A.S.S. = Autodrop Survivors Support [For those who used to get "autodropped" from the Cleft-Talk List]
CTA = Cleft-Talk anonymous (A 12-step to handle your addiction)
CAA = Cyber Addicts Anonymous
MB = Momma Bear
MBBB = Momma Bear Bites Butt

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