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UGH! Baby Has Colic! 

Colic is common for many babies, but when the baby has a cleft, it is VERY common. Sometimes the only hope to hold onto is the fact that eventually the baby outgrows it. With a little tongue in cheek, though, one cleft-talk mom shares the following tips for handling a colicky baby:

Let's see what did we do...

1. Make sure to burp every ounce.

2. Place baby on tummy with knees drawn up and kind of wrap in place.

3. Place baby on tummy across your knees and sway back and forth.

4. Warm (not hot) towel to lay on. Hot water bottle too but I don't really like that one -- scares me a little because of possible burns.

5. A hubby that likes to lay on the couch put baby on tummy and pushes feet on arm [it makes a rocking motion that puts hubby and baby to sleep but isn't to great on the couch :)]

6. Peppermint stick in to water then removed and give bottle to baby.

7. Car rides -- LONG car rides.

8. Snuggle sack that mom or Dad -- yes dad get up put that thing on. Wear with baby snuggled inside.

9. Sit along side of baby and cry with him/her.

10. Get a respite babysitter and leave home for a while.

11. Take baby to Grandmas and run.

12. Get an alcoholic beverage and relax -- the more relaxed you are the more relaxed the baby gets. They pick up on your vibes -- you're uptight -- they're more uptight -- results screams. (Haven't you ever gotten stomach pains when you are upset, worried or nervous?)

13. Run a vacuum cleaner -- go figure -- it works.

14. Pray that those first 4 months pass fast.

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