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What is a Logan's Bow?

As I understand and can explain it, the Logan's bow is a wire piece attached to the cheeks and pushes the cheeks together to keep stress off the suture lines and to prevent damage from bumping her lip. She will wear it for 3 weeks. The patches make her skin break out when we tape her lip so I'm not looking forward to 3 weeks of this but if it helps her lip.

Does anyone have experience with the Logan's bow?


Hi, My son, Paul had a Logan's bow after his lip adhesion and his lip repair. It looks like an arch and is held on the cheeks by adhesive tape. It does sort of bunch the lip together and is to relieve pressure, but my PS isn't really all that sure it does that. He uses them to "remind" parents/nurses etc. that the child has just had mouth surgery. For us it worked great, when he was real little (6 weeks) it reminded us when we went to burp him to hold him up higher so as not to bump the lip. I am pretty sure there is a baby in the gallery who has a picture of the Logan bar on, not sure who.

They are kind of a pain, because it is harder to feed the baby because it is harder to maneuver around it. Also, the adhesive can get pretty yucky with formula or food or whatever (even a little blood and saliva) also, Paul's checks were red where the tape had been for a few days to a week. He had it on 2 weeks for his adhesion and just one week for his lip repair. After 6 days following his lip repair, he actually got his arm restraints off and then pulled the bar off his face himself!!! It was scary but quite humorous.

*****Picture of a Logan's Bow*****

There are several pictures of babies using the Logan's Bow. Visit the Wide Smiles Photo Gallery and click on the Cross Index Page. Scroll down a bit until you see the listing.

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