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Fluid and Weight Measurement Conversions

Metric to standard.

To convert weight (kg) or fluid (cc or ml) to pounds or ounces, use the following formulas.

To convert Kilograms to pounds: Multiply by 2.205

  ie - 13 kilo's = 13 x 2.205 = 28.665 lbs.

Also this is from:

 cc's stands for cubic centimeters.
 ml's stands for milliliters
 One cc = one ml They are equivalent.
 One teaspoon = 5 cc = 5 ml
 One Tablespoon (Tbl) = 15 cc = 15 ml
 One Tablespoon = 3 teaspoons
 One ounce = 30 cc = 30 ml = 2 Tablespoons = 6 teaspoons
 8 ounces (The common size for a formula bottle) = 240 cc = 240 ml

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