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This one is about: The Latham Pin Device - One Family's Experience

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The Latham Pin Device: One Family's Experience

Riley had her Latham Pin installed the first part of July. She stayed overnight just one night and came home on Tylenol and codeine. She quickly learned a new way to take the Haberman feeder and by the next day was almost back to normal. She took plain Tylenol for one more day but after that never appeared to be uncomfortable. It's amazing what the device has accomplished. Her premaxilla which was under her right nostril is now in the middle of her nose. Before the installation the premaxilla was kind of "upside down" is the only way I can describe it. Since the pin was also put through that it has not only pulled it down but made it "right side up". The red part which is really the inside was on the outside. Now the skin side shows so I know it will be much easier to do the repair which will be done Sept. 11. The appliance will also be removed then.

I was a nervous wreck before this surgery but it went so smoothly I only pray the lip repair will go as well. I hope you try not to worry too much. I can't say enough for the Latham Pin. The only reason we had to wait so long was we didn't know she was going to have a cleft before she was born so it took over a month to decide where she was going to have her surgery. Had we known ahead we probably could have made all the arrangements earlier and the lip repair would already be behind us.

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