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This one is about: Goodbye to My Faithful Friend (Ode to the Breast Pump)

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Dear friend,

It's been a rough 7 months, my friend. We have gone through many long days and nights together. It was an endless cycle together. How much I wanted to remain friends, but it is time to let you go.

I have called you many names my friend: my second child, my pal, the machine, the pumper, the milker, the torturer, and the latest name, the boob sucker. You never minded the way I treated you, my friend. You waited patiently for our time together, and you knew, just like clockwork when I would be back to you. You knew I had to spend those 30 minutes with you no matter what I did to try and avoid you. But still, you remained faithful to me, always at my side wherever I went. You came with me everywhere to support me, to support my child. You helped me give life to my child, to nourish her. I couldn't have done that without you, my friend.

Sure, I told you I hated you and I hated the time I spent with you, but you know I always came back to you. It was so hard for me to decide that my time with you was over, but I did, and it was so hard to give you back to that place you came from (the hospital). But I did, and I did not cry for you, my friend, because I knew it was time to let you go.

So thank you for our time together, my friend. I will never forget all the countless hours and ounces we have spent together. Thank you for never failing me (even during a power outage).


A former Dairy Queen

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