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This one is about: Some Exercises to Help with Nasal Speech Production

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1. Give child easy to blow whistles and party blowers to allow him to practice sustaining the breath stream.

2. Present ping pong balls or pinwheels to blow. Encourage the child to blow short puffs of air. Encourage the child to blow and produce sound alternately (blow puh; blow puh) Production of the syllables should be breathy and without effort. Emphasize a relaxed and open mouth. Discontinue if the child exerts effort or displays tension.

3. Using a sound such a ffff or shhhh, encourage the child to propel ping pong ball or pinwheel.

4. If the child demonstrates nasal emission of air on the above activities, occlude the nostrils. Have him perform the activities while the nostrils are occluded and then unoccluded.

5. Use play activities to encourage the child to imitate a model of correct articulation. Incorporate activities in which the sound is produced. (Play with beads and say "pop" each time a bead is connected.)

6. Avoid putting stress on the child: Keep the activities brief.

7. Play the do what I do game:

a. Pucker lips and blow (whistle)
b. Place teeth togeter and smile, blow sss or zzz.
c. Place tongue between teeth and blow thhh.
d. Combine consonants and vowels (la-lee-loo) Do this for each sound.
e. Repeat consonant-vowel combination, then switch to vowel-consonant combinations.

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