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Here are some websites and information for Sign Language:

A Basic Guide to ASL

Sign Friends Around the World

Sign Linguistics Resource Index
Noteworthy: SLLING-L (Online discussion of Sign Linguistics); Online discussion of deaf issues and more.

Another Resource for Sign Language:

There is a review for some ASL material in the catalog called Timberdoodle Company and it is a source for Home Educators mainly. So here is the review:

Many studies have shown that babies who learn to sign can communicate at an earlier age than those who learn verbal communication alone. Research also indicates that children strengthen their grammar and vocabulary skills by learning sign language. I don't know many detail about these studies; for example, is the difference so much in the learning of sign language, or is it primarily because parents have committed themselves to working specifically on communication. However, what I do know is that sign language has been a part of Pearl's life ever since she could toddle and at 2, she communicated far beyond the ability of most 2-or even 3-year-olds. Cause and effect or just coincidence? We don't know, but because she can tell us what she likes and doesn't like, and wants and doesn't want, she is not forced to communicate her needs via crying and screaming. Is it because we are teaching her sign language, or because she has 4 doting siblings? We don't know that either, but if the Lord ever blesses us with another child we will not hesitate to begin with sign language instruction again. Here are some helpful tools:


We have previewed scads of "learning to sign" videos, and even carry another series elsewhere in this catalog.  Currently "Sign with Me" is our hands down favorite for teaching American Sign Language to little children from birth to three years. Using two 75-minute videos and a workbook, each volume professionally and thoroughly covers lessons that the entire family can benefit from. The pace is comfortable and the repetition makes learning this new language feasible. The Publisher Boys Town National Research Hospital, has gone the extra mile by providing a wipe-off acetate sheet for the workbook, so that many family members can share the one workbook. Sign With Me also provides 'Just for Kids' activities at the end of many lessons, a fun way for your older, hearing children to reinforce the vocabulary they have just learned. Regardless of whether you are learning the language for the challenge or out of need if you are looking for a comprehensive ASL program for instructing a young child, Sign With Me will meet your family's need. Each volume retails for $59.95 but here is the Timberdoodles price:

Volume 1 Building Conversation  2 videos and workbook in a binder: $48.00

Their website is:


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