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Baby Bill of Rights

Talk to me.

Sing, hum, babble or even read the funnies to me! I don't know exactly what you're saying, but I need to hear you. And I do know what you mean,even if I may not know words. Like your voice tones mean, "I love you." Or when you yell, I hear, "You're a pest!" Unless you communicate with me, how can I learn? I learn from you.

Hold me.

Everything is so big and new to me. I don't understand where I am, or who I am, and I get scared. But when you hold me, I feel better. Your warmth warms me. Your breath and heartbeat make me feel I belong. Belong here. Belong to you.

Answer my cry.

I don't cry to get you upset. Or to get you mad. I cry because I can't tell you how I feel any other way. Maybe I'm cold... or wet... or hungry... or scared and lonely. Answer my cries. You'll soon know what each means. You won't spoil me. You'll help me to be a better baby...and to make you happier too.

Love me.

Like me.  Love me just as I am. Don't expect me to do what I can't do. Like being toilet-trained. My muscles aren't ready yet. I know I'm messy. But I'm growing. Overlook my baby weaknesses. You're the most important person in my world. I can't make it without you. So get to know me. Have fun with me. And love me ... just as I am.

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