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Are You A Flamer?

Since no one admits to being a flamer, and it's always the other guy, this quiz will help you determine if you are, in fact, the other guy.

1. You read a message that contains information you believe to be erroneous. You:

a) sigh and go on.
b) reply with a query that elicits more information.
c) draft an angry response in your mind.
d) post that angry response NOW.

2. Have you ever posted a message with any of the following phrases: "You (descriptive adjective or pejorative noun)" or "You obviously don't understand/know/appreciate ..."?

a) Never.
b) Sometimes.
c) Often.
d) It's in my signature file.

3. Your postings ...

a) what postings? I'm a lurker.
b) ask what I need to know.
c) answer questions when I'm sure of the answer.
d) restate the replies of others, only better.

4. Within the group or forum that you most often frequent, you are:

a) less knowledgeable than most.
b) about average.
c) more knowledgeable, but I don't flaunt it.
d) without me, the group would fall into an abyss of ignorance.

5. Everyone else in the group is:

a) encyclopedic and intimidating.
b) just folks.
c) in need of guidance.
d) functionally incapable of understanding my simple, well-articulated points.

6. Replies to your postings most often take the form of:

a) sneering silence.
b) reasonable discourse.
c) multiple, angry diatribes.
d) death threats.

7. When first entering a new group, you:

a) read all the threads in awe.
b) read everything but hang back.
c) engage in discourse where I feel comfortable.
d) respond to as many messages as possible, so people know I've arrived.

8. Online, you most enjoy:

a) reading others' conversations.
b) give and take.
c) getting a rise out of people.
d) really making the fur fly.

9. The most important thing in an online group is:

a) consensus.
b) keeping threads on-topic and relevant.
c) introducing new ideas and asides.
d) hawking my product or service to a new, ripe audience.

Score yourself one point for every "a," two for every "b," three for each "c" and four for each "d."

9-15 points: You're holding back.
16-22 points: You're a team player, if a bit on the quiet side.
23-29 points: You probably get on people's nerves occasionally.
30+ points: Burn your keyboard before you inflict yourself on anyone else.

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