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Wording Your Baby Announcement

I was looking through baby announcements today and thinking about the wording I would like to send out when the baby comes (due in three weeks now!). All of our family and most of our close friends know about the cleft lip but I would still like to include a sentence or two so that those that don't know will be brought up to date.

Whatever we include I'd like to keep it simple and in good taste. Has anyone sent out announcements that included information about the baby's cleft? I would love to hear how you've handled it.

Thanks. Gail in Idaho


I  made my own announcements - drew the picture myself. I know that it would not work for your Joey, but what I did for Jessica was I drew a picture of a rattle, a travel visa and a Mead-Johnson bottle (talk about subtle!! LOL)

Anyway, here is my suggestion.

"You should see his big, wide smile! As expected from his ultrasound, Joey was born with a cleft lip [and palate]. It is a very common and completely repairable birth condition. We will try to keep you all informed as he begins the repair process. Meanwhile, come and enjoy our beautiful baby boy!"


Hi Gail,

When I sent out birth announcements I enclosed a picture of Mackenzie and the cleft was very clear. Nobody phoned and asked what he had, they just happened to know and didn't make a big deal about it. I preferred everyone to know ahead of time so there wouldn't be so many surprises. Carolle

Hi Gail. My husband and I debated for a long time to decide what the best approach for us was going to be. We decided to present the information in a news letter format. We included a story about her birth, what her sister thought and another about her cleft.  Everyone we talked to really liked our approach. It provided everyone the answers to the questions we were asked most often - especially how big sister was handling our new addition.

Could you use something like "Our new baby's "Widesmile" is so beautiful. Better come see him quick before the lip repair or you'll miss his first beautiful face!" Debra & the Chrismeister ^1^

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