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To Maximize Bone Graft Healing

HBO was an idea that I read of in Prescription for Natural Healing by Dr James Balch MD and Phyllis Balch C.N.C. Second edition Copywrite 1997 Avery Publishing Excerpt: page 555

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

"All human tissues and organs need O2 in order to function. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the administration of O2 at high atmospheric pressure. This saturates the body with O2, increasing the total available amount. HBOT is used in the treatment of a variety of conditions that are associated with an insufficient amount of O2 in part or all of the body.

HBOT is administered by placing the individual being treated in a special chamber that delivers pure O2 at three times the normal atmospheric pressure. In most cases, the entire chamber is pressurized for treatment, and then depressurized before the person is removed. In some cases the O2 is delivered by mask, making pressurization and depressurization unnecessary.

In the USA, HBOT is most commonly used in cases of trauma, including burns, wounds injuries from motor vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, acute cyanide poisoning, smoke inhalation, and death of tissues from radiation therapy. HBOT is also used to treat skin grafts that are failing to take, gangrene, decompression sickness, and certain cases of blood loss and anemia. When used after surgery, HBOT has been shown to greatly improve early healing in a majority of cases. It has also been used to bring near drowning victims out of comas, and has been a valuable adjunctive treatment for people who opportunistic infections resulting from immuno-suppression, as occurs with HIV and AIDS. In other countries, HBOT has been widely used to treat people who have had strokes and those affected with alcoholism, drug addiction, arterial and vascular disorders and multiple sclerosis. While therapy has occasionally been used to treat such problems in the U.S., at this time many of these applications are still controversial among American practitioners. Nevertheless, HBOT is now being used by both conventional and alternative  physicians, and continues to gain acceptance for new applications.

Although HBOT is strictly controlled for safety, it may not be appropriate for all individuals. People with a history of emphysema, middle ear infection, or spontaneous pneumothorax (accumulation of air in the chest cavity) may encounter problems with therapy."

End Quote

During my time (I think I'm up to 45 treatments...) I have seen infection cases being the most prevalent in for treatment. Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a contract with HBO providers. HBO is a separate entity from hospitals. You can supposedly go for an evaluation with out a referral from a primary care giver. I think that it really depends on the individual HBO unit. Our unit here is wonderful. The nurses will check on insurance and get things rolling, check on approvals. They did a lot of foot work to get things approved. Although I have great insurance coverage, it just took time. Part of that is that I was working with an oral surgeon, but it was a medical situation so codes had to be different from dental codes... But my insurance covered HBO, because they are a contracted service they didn't get as much as they billed for the HBO. But I was not responsible for the difference.

HBO is very helpful for bone grafts, it stimulates new bone growth, and also encourages new blood vessel growth. Both of which are crucial for bone graft. Even though my tissue growth is slow I now have a base line of blood vessels that will continue to have an effect. In diabetics they have studied the effects of HBO and seen a positive benefits for 2 years after HBO!

I have learned in my travels that one should take extra care while having HBO therapy. HBO does such a great job of oxygenation that sometimes you have free radicals flying around. It would be good to supplement with extra antioxidants to help deal with the free radical damage that could be possible. The unit at Porter Hospital in Denver gave you a vitamin E before you went in. The HBO Dr @ Denver has had people have 60 treatments. My Dr here feels that the benefit has been maximized. They feel that after 20 treatments the blood vessel growth has been established. My OS has had to discuss with the HBO DRs here to continue treatment. But when we stopped at 30 treatments, we lost ground. So it was extended to 35 then to 45..... So now is the time for my body to heal....

Hope this information will prove helpful to some. National HBO #800-290-5309 It is based in SC.

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