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(posted to Cleft-talk by Margie Morris)

Is this your child's first palate repair? If it is then you have not encountered the after surgery thing yet. I want to alert you to the fact that when you see your son in recovery there is a good chance that he will have blood coming from the trache. It makes perfectly good sense but I never expected it. I remember being so worried about the blood coming from the trache.

There wasn't a ton but any blood worried me. What happens is obviously there is bleeding from the cleft repair. Well some of that blood will trickle down the trache. My son had blood coming from everywhere in recovery: the nose, the mouth, the trache, and his tummy when I opened the g-tube.

I hope this doesn't scare you or gross you out, but I remember telling everyone who was involved with my son's surgery that I wished someone had warned or prepared me for the blood from the trache.

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