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This one is about: How Much Folic Acid Preconceptually?

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Someone asked:

Hi everyone, We are going to start trying for our third child in Feb. and I want to begin taking folic acid now. I know that I need to take iron to make the folic acid work, and no vitamin A (except what is already in my diet), but for the life of me I can not remember the dosage that has been recommended most recently. Maybe I should read my post a little bit more carefully!!!!


Hi -- Good luck on your plans. Three has been a perfect number for me.

It's zinc that unlocks the folic acid for us. Vitamin A from plant sources (beta carotene) is fine, while A from animal sources (such as liver and many cheeses) is a problem. Regarding the dosage of folic acid -- let me quote (paste) below the response that we got from Dr. Maria Tolarova on that very issue. She is truly the recognized foremost expert in this area.

Regarding the question of folic acid preconceptually, I forwarded this question to Dr. Tolorova for a definitive response from the best source I know of.  Following is her response.



Begin Quote:

Dear Joanne:

Your answer is correct. My recommendation at present is to take 0.8 mg (800 mcg) of Folic Acid at least 1 month before conception and at least first 3 months of pregnancy. This is the dose, which is in majority of prenatal vitamins and any women can take it without prescription. Any higher dose should be taken only after blood test and under supervision of medical doctor, usually ob/gyn. As I mentioned at your Symposium, we urgently need more studies to solve the problem which dose of Folic Acisd has preventive effect and I hope that we will be able to contact prospective mothers also through Wide Smiles, as this is largest support group for cleft/craniofacial anomalies. At present we are limited by FDA regulation to recommend 800 mcg only.

I hope it will be of help.

Best regards

Dr Tolarova

P.S.: Did you see an article and your photos in ACPA Newsletter ? It came out very nicely - Congratulations again!!

End Quote

That's it - -hope it answers your questions.


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