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AOL Instant Messenger, more commonly known as AOL IM, is fun way to chat with other Cleft-Talkers. It's a great way to chat over the Internet with other users too.

To download AOL IM, please go to

Follow the instructions on that page to download/install the program.

For the non-AOL members, you need to fill in the following information:

Desired Screenname (might take you a few tries to find a screenname that is not already taken)
Choose a Password
Re-type Password to Confirm
E-mail Address

After submitting that information you will then be directed to the download page.

AOL IM is available for a variety of platforms (ie - Windows, Mac)

AOL IM is easy to install and setup. If you need to download AOL IM in the future, simply go back to AOL IM at and follow the download instructions.

Once you have AOL IM installed and set up, please do the following steps:

Input your screenname and password on the sign on screen Click on the "SIGN ON' Icon to sign on.

Then once you are online with AOL IM, you will see a window popup that has three things listed: Buddies, Family, and Co-workers.

Click on List Setup to begin adding your buddies' screennames. To Add a Buddy, click on the "ADD A BUDDY" icon, type the screenname of your buddy in, and then hit the ENTER key. You can add a buddy under Buddies, Family, or Co-workers.

You can also create your own group by clicking on the ADD GROUP icon, then type in the name of the group, and then hit Enter.

The buddy list will help you to see who is online.

When you are done, just click on Online.

You can IM (instant message) a buddy online by simply clicking on their screenname if you see them online.

If someone you know has AOL or AOL IM and you don't have them in your buddy list, you can try to IM by clicking on the IM icon and typing the person's screenname in and then your message to them.  AOL IM will let you know if that person is online or not.

PLEASE NOTE: Add Joanne Green, Listowner of Cleft-Talk and Editor/Director of Wide Smiles to your buddy list. Her screenname is JoSmiles

You are on your way to IM'ing your buddies. :-)

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