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This one is about: Book Review - Nobody's Perfect

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Book Review: Nobody's Perfect

A parent writes:

I am in the middle of reading another book. It is titled Nobody's Perfect by Nancy Miller. Anyway the book is about the stages of acceptance of having a child with special needs - no matter how small or how large the special need is. Well the author collaborated with several mothers of children with disabilities. The book begins with the birth story of each one of these children. Well the last one is about a boy named Ryan born in 1979 with PRS. All through the book the author writes on the topic then at the end of each segment she has inserts form these parents.


I have this book, and it is EXCELLENTLY done. I recommend it to anyone who has a child with any special need. The issues and topics discussed can apply to families everywhere, regardless of the special need you are dealing with. The use of the parents' perspectives is especially poignant.

I think WS did a review of this book a while back. If I find it, I'll post it.

Joanne Green

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