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Diaper Rash Remedies

Sometimes children using antibiotics will develop diaper rash that is more of the yeast-infection type: Really red, wet, sometimes blistery and/or bleeding.

Here are some home remedies shared by people on cleft-talk. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE USING THESE SUGGESTIONS.

My pediatrician suggested that we go to the drugstore and get some "Lotrimin". It is actually for athletes foot and he said to give it a try. I SWEAR to God...The rash was GONE by morning! It was like a miracle drug! I always make sure that I have some on hand now. It's kinda spendy, but IT WORKS!!! I put just a little bit on and rubbed it in as well as I could, and then I covered it up with Desitin.
Another thing that works really well is Gynalotramin -- same thing, but made for vaginal yeast infections. These products kick a yeast rash in the butt (no pun intended -- ok-- a bad pun). The red, wet, sometimes bleeding rashes that look like a burn and resist all usual attempts to get rid of them are generally the yeast guys. Go get the OTC stuff for yeast infections, spread it over the rash, and get ready to see a miracle. Another good diaper rash cream is still the good old vaseline with a twist. Mix equal parts of cornstarch and vaseline. This is really messy, but the end result is a very good protectant.
Try giving him some yogurt to eat [yogurt with live cultures]. This will help to restore some of the natural bacteria in his digestive tract and may slow the oozing.
Don't know if you already heard of this, but Dr. Smith's cream, available in most drug stores, etc. You only use a smidgen at a time. Also, we kept cornstarch in a large holed shaker to use. Old remedy, works great.
A lot of people think the oatmeal thing is a real dopey diaper rash cure. You can buy a box of emulsified oatmeal packets from your drugstore, Neutraderm makes it, also includes some little mineral oil packets, but it is a bit dear. All you have to do is put a good cup of any kind of plain oatmeal in a nylon stocking, tie it up and throw it in the bathtub, giving it a squish a few times. Watch for a slippery tub though. Even just a short soak, with baby sitting in a small basin, two to three times per day, really helps.

Another thing that works is a good handful of baking soda in the bath water.

Also, one particularly good recipe that the local Children's Hospital is a combination of zinc oxide and karaya powder. It makes a really thick paste that is a little like spackling to spread, and you don't even wipe it all off when you clean little bottoms, but it acts like a bandage on sores, so you kind of spot use it.

That is redbond powder with zinc. We used Zinc and Castor oil cream that we got in England. We fondly call it the magic cream, but have yet to find it in the US. When we ran out I used zinc oxide cream (that stuff you put on your nose to prevent sunburn) and castor oil cream I got at GNC. It worked great!!
A cream that I got the joy of concocting that is: 1 part antacid to 3 parts Desitin, then you add in some vitamin E and a few squirts of Lotrimin (I got gyneLotrimin in a gel form) Apply liberally at each diaper change.

I can't resist putting in my personal favorite cure for plain old diaper rash...Maalox!! You don't put it in the baby, you put it on the baby. (I use a saturated tissue) It works like a charm on plain old garden variety diaper rash.
I had a pediatrician when my oldest children (25 & 23 yrs.) were little. He advocated no powders or creams unless there was infection or yeast. He would have me wash their bottoms with clear tepid water with every diaper change and then 2-3 times each day leave the diaper off for 10-15 minutes with a 15 watt light (positioned about 2 feet from their bottom) shining on their bottom while they played in their crib or play pen. It worked miracles! You could see the difference after each treatment. I realized in was like a sitz bath and perilamp that they used to use following an episiotomy when you gave birth. Try it. It is cheap, no chemicals and it works. BE VERY CAREFUL that the bulb is 15 watts and that the lamp is at least 2 feet away and for only 10-14 minutes at a time.

Incidentally, if you babies rash is happening after antibiotic treatment, it could be a yeast or candida rash and if so you will need to use a prescription like Nystatin. Ask your pediatrician if the rash persists.

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