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This one is about: Cigarette Smoke Around Children with Cleft

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Cigarette Smoke Around Children with Cleft

(Posted to CT by Lark)

Here's some evidence that smoking is an un-cool thing to allow around kids with clefts (or without, for that matter). There are also lots of studies that indicate that passive cigarette smoke can significantly interfere with wound healing, too (breaks down collagen and interferes with oxygenation, I think, were the reasons.) My father was once told rather bluntly by a surgeon that he shouldn't be smoking around me as I healed ... and that was way back in the 70's, so this kind of info has been around a while.


"Parents who smoke cigarettes are much more likely to have children with chronic ear or respiratory tract infections. Several case-controlled studies found that elementary school children who underwent ear tube placement were more likely to have lived in a household where cigarettes were smoked. In a recent study, children with higher serum conitine levels were found to have a 38% higher rate of ear infections. Conitine is a nicotine metabolite which indicates exposure to cigarette smoke. All of this evidence indicates that children should not be exposed to passive cigarette smoke."

"Editorial: The Emerging Problems of Antibiotic Overuse," Michael T.
Murray, ND, _American Journal of Natural Medicine_, June 1997.

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