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Morphine and Narcan for Pediatrics

Morphine is a wonderful drug that allows a person to not care so much about their pain. When Morphine (MS = Morphine Sulfate) is administered to any patient for pain, the first concern is respirations. In infants, a respiratory rate should be between 30 and 60; count for an entire minute as infants are natural nose breathers and have irregular breathing patterns. If the respiratory rate drops below 25 CALL A NURSE RIGHT AWAY. This means that your baby is not getting enough oxygen to his/her brain and other vital organs and needs intervention PRONTO.

Narcan (Naloxone hydrochloride) is a drug which counteracts the effects of MS and other narcotic analgesics. In many hospitals, it is kept at the bedside of any pediatric patient receiving a narcotic to ensure fast relief in the event of respiratory arrest.

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