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Regarding "early" rhinoplasty:

A parent writes:

I have a 3 year old with a cleft lip and soft palate. I've read that rhinoplasty is being done in other places at age 5 or so. Our plastic surgeon told us it wouldn't be until he was 14 or 15 years old. Why such a difference?


Age 14 or 15 is the point at which the face pretty much stops growing and the nose matures -- so that they know exactly what they are doing by then. But some kids get rhinoplasty before (or shortly after) they start to school if there is reason to believe there will be much stigma. My Jacob had not had rhinoplasty (and probably won't) but my Joey had rhinoplasty at age 7. Another factor may be the kind of cleft (unilateral or bilateral) and the severity of nasal involvement. Many kids who have rhinoplasty at 5 or 6 also have it again at 14 or 15 -- just because it needs a touch-up. We are not expecting that Joey will, but the jury will be out on that one for a while. So far, Jessica has not had rhinoplasty, but they plan to lift the tip when she has bone graft done -- in probably about 2 years.


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