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This one is about: Subscribing, Unsubscribing, Digest Mode, and Other Features of Cleft-Talk

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Note: All these commands require you to send email to:

You may put multiple commands in one email message. Just put them on different lines. Do not use your signature file when sending mail to

These are the most frequently asked questions about Cleft-Talk mail.

1. To Subscribe

Email to:

Subject: none (or leave blank)

Message: SUBSCRIBE cleft_talk2 [email address*]

*This item is optional -- If an email address is specified, then that address is added to the list rather than the address used to send in the email.

Example 1: Message = SUBSCRIBE cleft_talk2

Example 2: Message = SUBSCRIBE cleft_talk2

You will be sent a message asking for verification that you signed up for the list. Hit REPLY to that message, then send. That will complete the subscription process.

To post messages on Cleft-Talk after subscribing, send email to

To respond to a comment made by another member of the list, simply hit the "Reply" function of your e-mail program. To respond to a particular person in private, you must input the person's personal e-mail address instead.

2. To UNSUBSCRIBE from the list:

Email to:

Subject: none (or leave blank)

Message: UNSUBSCRIBE or SIGNOFF cleft_talk2 [email address*]

*Once again if the optional email address is specified then that address is removed from the list.

Example 1: unsubscribe cleft_talk2

Example 2: signoff cleft_talk2 

Example 3: unsubscribe cleft_talk2 

Example 4: signoff cleft_talk2

Again, when unsubscribing, you will be sent a confirmation email message to which YOU MUST REPLY in order to complete the command.

There is no other way to unsubscribe. Messages asking to be dropped from the mailing list and posted to the discussion group not only will not work, but they will be irritating to other members.

Here are some tips on un/subscribing successfully:

a. Use email set in PLAIN TEXT format (as opposed to HTML or Rich-Text format, which may look prettier but doesn't do anything for computer-read commands)

b. Verify that you wish to un/subscribe to the list by responding to the email. All it takes is for you to hit the Reply button.

c. Do not use a signature line in your email message when subscribing/unsubscribing.

Too much Cleft-Talk mail in your mailbox? You can use the Digest Mode to help eliminate this problem.

Digest Mode

Digest mode will compile 20-30 individual posts and send it to you in one big email. Note to AOL (America Online) users: AOL requires you to download and read your digest using your wordprocessor.

3. To go into digest mode

Email To:

Subject: none (or leave blank)

Message: digest cleft_talk2 [email address*]

Example: digest cleft_talk2


digest cleft_talk2

4. To get OUT of digest mode (and back to normal mode), send

Email To:

Subject: none (or leave blank)

Message: normal cleft_talk2 [email address*]

This will set mail to normal (non-digest) mode. If no address is specified then the originator of the message will be used.

Example: normal cleft_talk2


normal cleft_talk2

More Commands

NOMAIL cleft_talk2 [address]

This command sets the no mail mode. The account will enter a suspended state and will no longer receive list traffic. If no address is specified then the originator of the message will be used.

Example - You are going on vacation but don't want to unsub from CT, then set it to "No Mail". You are still able to send messages to CT, but you just won't receive any.

Example: NOMAIL cleft_talk2

The opposite of that command is this one:

MAIL cleft_talk2 [address]

This command returns you to normal mode from no mail mode. If no address is specified then the originator of the message will be used.

Example: MAIL cleft_talk2

Final Comments:

Do not send pictures to the list (instead, announce that you have pictures to share via private email);

Do not quote entire messages in your replies. If you use Outlook Express, it is likely that your program is automatically quoting everything you reply to. Learn how to change that option!

Do not forward internet virus "news" or similar stories that you receive urging you to "Send to as many people as you can". These are more than likely hoaxes. For more information on hoaxes you can use a search engine (ie - Yahoo, Excite, etc). For starters, here is one web site you can turn to for information:

Do NOT use colored backgrounds and/or fonts in your email messages. Pretty as they are, plain text is best when sending mail to Cleft Talk. The main reason is that it really adds unnecessarily to each Digest, which doesn't support those features.

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