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Hi I am Nancy mother to Janie. Janie had a videoflouroscopy last July. Janie thought it was great. They had her stand on a platform and the x-ray machine was placed very close to her head. The speech pathologist used a puppet and had Janie repeat words. While Janie said the words, her palate surgeon was watching monitor to see if her soft palate gained closure. They then moved the machine and watched her speak from different angles. On the monitor you could see this little skeletons head. Janie still talks about it today. She tells everyone she was on TV. The result: She did not gain closure so she had a Furlow double reversing z-plasty to correct the velopharyngeal insufficiency. She is doing great and her speech improves everyday. Our surgeon chose the videoflouroscopy over using a scope (Nasal endoscopy) because of her age and he did not want totraumatize her. Janie is four. If you have any questions let me know.

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