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Well, it has been six days!! We are still alive!! Things for Lindsey went great. Turns out I was more concerned that I should have been -- that mom thing going!! Lindsey walked right into the op room the anesthesiologist with no problem. And I was so worried. :) For those who are new, our four-year old daughter has had a procedure called Abbe Flap which is essentially grafting a portion of her bottom lip to her top lip. It is done in extremely rare cases for shortage of the top lip tissue. Actually, I only had two responses to my plea for information on the procedure (Thanks guys, helped a BUNCH!!)

For two weeks, her top lip is sutured to her bottom lip to secure a blood supply for the grafted tissue. So far, things are good. We are back to syringe feeding as Lindsey has a very little mouth to start with and having it sutured together is not helping very much. But she is adapting very well and getting her fill of jello, ice cream and pudding!! Dr. says that it looks good (How he knows I have no idea, it is purple!!)

Our biggest problem with this is that as the swelling goes down and Lindsey can talk more freely, she is stretching the you know what out of the sutured part! I am scared to death she is going to rip her mouth open!!! She has had several stitches removed already and more will come out tomorrow with the second half of the surgery to be one week from Tuesday to release the lip. (Can I survive this!!!)

Lindsey also cries a lot for things when she is frustrated which does not help as I can find nothing more frustrating than having your mouth sewed together!! This again puts strain on the sutures.

But she is a trooper and is running around here like nothing has happened making me cringe everytime she runs or trips or something!! To top it off, one week before the surgery, she split her forehead open gaining eight stitches there. Only good thing that came out of that was the fact that she now knew what stitches were!! (And that they didn't hurt getting them taken out -- Or being put in for that matter -- considering she fell asleep when the Drs. were putting them in!!) She is anxious to have the second operation (One for the record books!!) But who can blame her!!

Well, just wanted to update everyone on Lindsey, even though not very many have gone through this and can really relate!!!

Take care,
Jerrie and Lindsey

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