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A parent writes:

My son had cleft palate repair last week. He is faster than Houdini and can get out of the pedi wrap restraints in about thirty seconds. He is supposed to be in these for 3 weeks. They are going to drive me crazy. Is there a trick to putting them (and keeping) on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Responses from other parents:

- Have you tried putting them on inside his clothes?

- We pinned her restraints to her clothes using diaper pins. Also, long-sleeved shirts underneath the restraints seemed to help a great deal!

- Try a long sleeve t-shirt bigger than he normally wears. Put the shirt on, then the restraints over, then fold the sleeves over the restraints and pin them. OR, use a long sleeve shirt (the same size he wears) and put it over the restraints.

- Use a diaper pin and safety pin them to the shoulders of his t-shirt. This works better than the back strap.

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