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Samantha was diagnosed with Sticklers as a possibility. She doesn't have any other symptoms and they did vision and hearing tests in hospital.

As I said Sam is on a NG tube, one of her nurses is pushing for a "G-button" (I guess same as G-tube). I have read that some of your kids have these - our Ped. doesn't think it is necessary and if it entails another surgery I tend to lean toward saying no to it. She hasn't had many problems with her NG tube (except vomiting at first). Anyway any input would really help. Sometimes you feel as though your just wading through waiting for yet something else!

Thanks again!
Sandy, mom to Sam

Hi Sandy!

Emily has a G-tube, and will be getting her button on Monday. It does require surgery to put in, and Emily's surgery took about 45 minutes. We went in on Monday and got out on Wednesday. They wanted her in for 48 hours. What they do is they stick a probe down through her nose and down her esophagus, and into her stomach all the while they are seeing this on the tv screen so that they know where they are at. Then they make their incision, put the tube in, and pull the thing back up through her nose. I may have that all backwards, but I'm sure you get the general idea. They said that she would not be in pain afterwards, but I think she was a little sore afterwards.  It took about 24 hours for her to want to be held again, so I still feel she was in a little pain.

I personally did not like the NG tube, because she had a tendency to pull on it. It was hard to get in her, because she did not like it going down her throat. So with the G button, I have less reason to worry about her pulling it out. If she does happen to be able to get it out, I will have to bring her to emergency. However there is a balloon or something like a balloon in there so that she shouldn't be able to pull it out. She has tried, she loves pulling on the darned thing! She wants to give me a heart attack is what it is! Once she has the button though, there won't be anything for her to pull on! Whew!

Our doctor recommended the G tube, because of the pulling problem, and gagging when going in, plus, he feels she will have it for a while, which I think is normal. I think they usually recommend the G when it will be awhile that the child needs this alternative feeding.

That's what I know, don't know if it's much, or backwards, but Joanne can probably correct me if I am wrong. If I did make a mistake, I apologize.


A G button is kinda the same as a G tube except with a button you have a "button" in the abdomen instead of a tube. To feed you open the port and attach a tube to the button feed the liquid diet and close it back up again. I think a button is easier to deal with because you don't have this tube hanging out that you have to tuck up under clothes, etc.

As always if you can avoid surgery that's always your best bet.

Hope this Helps.


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