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This one is about: Family Leave and Uncooperative Employers

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Family Leave and Uncooperative Employers

(Excerpted from a post on Cleft-talk)

posted by Beth Kaeser - Insurance Consultant to Wide Smiles

Awful that your hubby's work is not very co-operative! Usually any kind of doctor's appointments need to be on personal time with an employer. That means either vacation hours used up or during off-times from work (yeah, right!) Some employers will allow you to go to a doc appt and then make up the time. Most of the time it if you use up all vacation first, you can take un-paid leave occasionally, but many employers frown on that.

Family Leave Act (FLA) may not help in the case of an appt. here or there, but could be of help if there is a surgery and he would need to be off for say a week or so. With FLA, you usually need to use up all vacation BEFORE you can take FLA.

Here is a website that talks about FLA:

Basically, the employer still calls the shots. They can approve or not approve requests and requests for FLA must be in writing 30 days prior to when you need it. It is worth a shot, though and as long as his company has it (certain places under 50 employees, do not have to) then he is eligible to use it.

For the most part, I think if his employer is un-cooperative, he should try to limit the number of appts. he goes to. I know that sounds awful, but when it comes down to keeping or losing his job, it may be his only  choice. I know it would be hard for you to take your child to all the appt's but it may have to be that way. Hopefully you have a friend or family near-by who could help out and maybe go with you to some.

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