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OOBEE Pacifier Keeper

The OOBEE is a long, soft device with a velcro loop on either end, made specifically for helping a baby with a deficient suck to hold a pacifier more easily. I have seen this device and am impressed, but I have not yet tested it on a real baby. I asked the inventor of the device to give me ordering instructions so that any of you who wish to order it can do so. If you do order it, please let me know how it works.

Raya Krause writes:

The OOBEE may be ordered by sending a Money Order (no personal checks accepted, sorry) for $9.99 payable to Raya Krause. Mail it to:

11314 Moss Park Road
Orlando, FL  32832

Or you can go to their website and order online using your credit card.

If anyone has any questions regarding the OOBEE, I can be reached by email ( Each order will be processed upon receipt... please allow approx. 10 days for delivery.



OOBEE has a website!


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