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A Letter to new parents of a baby with PRS (Pierre Robin Sequence)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Congratulations!! You are the recipients of a brand new PRS baby. I know you may be asking yourselves how it happened to you. Don't bother searching for an answer. You'll never know why you were the lucky chosen couple. Just be grateful that God saw something in you and thought you worthy enough of this special, special child. I'm sure He must have chosen you because He knew that you could cope. He knew that you would do your best with this child. He knew that you would lead it into the world in the way that it deserves. It will be a long journey and there will be many obstacles. But, each one will only make you more proud of that little person you have been given. You'll no doubt be swamped with details in the near future. More info. than you can process at one time. That's the way it was for us. You may have your doubts and wonder how you are going to cope. But, you will. It always seems to work out. Somehow, in the end, you get through everything. You have to, really, because there isn't any other honorable choice. So, while you are going through all of this, just know that there are lots of us Moms and Dads out there that have PRS babies. We are all so proud of them we could just split a grin! We all have loads of information that we can share with you. If you don't have a computer, pick up the phone and call. Or drop a letter in the mail. We'd all be very happy to share our experiences with you and show off our babies to you. Mine is a beautiful 4 month old little boy named Justin Richard.

He's been through a lot in the last 4 mos. but is going great guns right now. His biggest obstacle has been growing. Eating and growing. But, you'll find that there are different obstacles for different babies. As you encounter various problems, just let us know. One of us here will have some information and answers. Hopefully we can make your road an easier one to travel. Best of luck to you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and in my prayers. I hope to learn more about you in the future.

Much love to your new little one,
Stacy, Mom to Justin

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