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This one is about: Good Communication - Fifteen Quick Tips For Getting Your Point Across

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Good Communication

This concept can be applied to school districts, evaluation teams, doctors, craniofacial teams, and even people who say insulting or dumb things. We are communicators just about 24 hours a day. Our goal is to be effective communicators, after all, the BEST ideas are lost if they can't be communicated. These fifteen tips toward good communication, are something we need to keep in mind as we advocate for our children. They are as follows:

Fifteen Quick Tips For Getting Your Point Across

1. Be prepared.

2. Be confident.

3. Stay focused on your conversation and your listener/s.

4. Maintain eye contact with your listener/s.

5. Make sure you listener/s are following you by asking them for questions and feedback.

6. Don't get over emotional.

7. Don't lose your temper.

8. Speak slowly and calmly.

9. Do not raise your voice.

10. Express yourself clearly and concisely.

11. Don't ramble.

12. Get to the point.

13. Be kind, compassionate, and empathetic.

14. Be honest. Don't play games.

15. Be assertive, but tactful.


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