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This one is about: Channel Operator Training Class, Part 2

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Second in a series of IRC training sessions.

Session Start: Sat Aug 15 10:30:00 1998 *** Topic is 'Welcome to Chanop Training' ***

-K9- Welcome to the second Chanop tutorial :)
-K9- Your teacher for today is asyndesis
-K9- The class is on Access information and Basic Channel Defence.
-K9- Please ask questions as they come to mind.
-K9- The logs of this class will be made available on the website.

asyndesis: [Introduction]
Welcome to the second tutorial in the #widesmiles Chanops' (Channel Operators') training series. As with the first tutorial, this contains useful information for regular chatters too. So if you don't want to be a chanop, but are just here to learn more about using K9, welcome to you too! If you do want to be a channel operator, and you haven't all ready told me this, please message me now.

Today's class is on access information and channel defence. We are covering the following K9 commands:

Level 0: ACCESS which gives you information about a K9 user

BANLIST which lists information about banned people/masks

Level 50: KICK which is self-explanatory

and Level 75: BAN and UNBAN.

asyndesis: [Recap]
Last week's class was about K9 basics, including how to set a K9 password with SETPASS and how to use your password to AUTH. I hope everyone here remembered to AUTH today :) If you didn't, please do it now - /msg auth #widesmiles yourpassword

asyndesis: Can anyone remember what the most important thing *not* to do with your password is?

lisa:  don't give it out to anyone or, don't forget it!

asyndesis: Very good Lisa :)

asyndesis: Answer: Don't type your password in the channel for all to see, and don't let anyone know what your password is.

What should you do if you accidentally type your password in the channel (eg: by typing ?msg auth #widesmiles mypassword instead of /msg K9...)?

Carin: I know; change it.
asyndesis: Right Carin :)
asyndesis: Answer: You should change your password straight away using SETPASS.

We also talked about different K9 commands being available depending on your K9 user level. You can see the list of your available commands using the COMMANDS command. And you can access information about each command using HELP.

The basic syntax for K9 commands is /msg K9 #widesmiles [parameters]

Carin: What is a parameter?
lisa: A parameter is like a variable in math, sort of kind of.
Joanne: Parameters are like -- specifics

asyndesis: That's right, thanks guys, some commands need further specific info added after the command and channel name.
Carin: Ok, thanks.

asyndesis: Are there any questions about last week's class?

lisa: Quick question, Chris...if we change our nick, do we have to re-auth? Or does K9 go with the flow, so to speak?
asyndesis: K9 doesn't seem to care about nicks, he recognises you by your IP address, and by your auth password.

asyndesis: [Access]

This command gives information about the people that have been added as users of K9 for this channel.

The syntax is: /msg K9 access #widesmiles [optional parameters] - or just say in the channel K9 access [optional parameters] Using the command without any parameters will give you a listing of the channel access information in order of User ID from entries 1 to 10.

asyndesis: Try it: /msg K9 access #widesmiles

When the channel has even higher numbers of users you just use a higher start number to get the rest of the list, 10 entries at a time. -21, -31, etc. So you've now seen the entire list of registered K9 users for this channel.

lisa: And the -# is the parameter, right?
asyndesis: Right Lisa. But what do the entries mean? Let's look at my entry.

asyndesis: [Access_Info]

-K9- USERID:     33209 NICK:psychreg
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/14/98 16:29:14 PaPM
-K9- COMMENT:$SND s-nach~1.wav bounds up to $NICK wagging his tail!
-K9- MASK:3643:*asyndesis@130.102.95.*
-K9- MASK:44577:*asyndesis@*
-K9- MASK:52739:*asyndesis@*

asyndesis: The first line has my K9 User ID number - this information is needed for some commands we will learn about on a later day. It also has the nickname I was using when I was added as a K9 user. Notice it doesn't matter that I'm not using the same nick now, because K9 recognises me by my IP address mask.

The second line has my user level (500) which as we've said determines which commands will be available. Next on the second line is PLEVEL = Protection Level - which is not currently used for anything. Then you can see SLEVEL, which is Suspend level. This is used to suspend someone's powers for some reason, for example if they have been abusing them. If it is set to 0 it means there is no suspension, but if set to another value, it means their effective user level is that number, until the suspension is lifted by a higher level user.

lisa: Like if I were to turn Carin into a cute little elf, I'd get my powers suspended?

asyndesis: LOL - right :) Although I don't think K9 can do that :)

Finally on the second line is AUTOOP, which means whether K9 is set to give you ops (@), voice (+) or nothing when you enter the channel with a mask he recognises. It will show AUTOOP:T if he is set to op the person, AUTOOP:V if he just voices them (like me) and AUTOOP: if he does nothing.

More on this when we cover Opping and Auto-opping, but it is a dangerous feature because K9 doesn't require a password before he auto-ops.

lisa: Sounds like a security flaw to me!
asyndesis: Yep. For this reason I am asking that Chanops only ever set their Auto-op status to V, and not T.

That way a channel hacker who spoofs (fakes, copies) your IP address can not get any real power on entering the channel, but when you enter the channel you will still know if K9 recognised your IP address or not when he Auto-voices you, and you can then AUTH (and OP yourself if you want).

asyndesis: Back to the access info!

-K9- USERID:     33209 NICK:psychreg
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/14/98 16:29:14 PaPM
-K9- COMMENT:$SND s-nach~1.wav bounds up to $NICK wagging his tail!
-K9- MASK:3643:*asyndesis@130.102.95.*
-K9- MASK:44577:*asyndesis@*
-K9- MASK:52739:*asyndesis@*

The third line shows when the user last was in the channel and AUTHed. This is useful in maintaining the user list - if you haven't seen someone in chat, and they haven't AUTHed in 6 months, then you could probably remove them from the user list!

The fourth line shows the persons COMMENT. This is a remark, sound or action that that person has asked K9 to say, play or do when they enter the channel. I'll cover this in a later session, but here is a demo - I'll part and re-join the channel so you can see my COMMENT performed (in case you haven't seen it before).

Session Close: Sat Aug 15 11:02:28 1998
Session Start: Sat Aug 15 11:02:34 1998

*** Now talking in #widesmiles
*** Topic is 'Welcome to Chanop Training'
*** Set by K9 on Sat Aug 15 10:21:49
*** K9 sets mode: +v asyndesis

* K9 bounds up to asyndesis wagging his tail 

asyndesis: If you didn't hear the sound, and you want it, type !asyndesis s-nach~1.wav
Joanne: so I can get it to say anything?
lisa: Or I can make K9 purr like a kitty?
asyndesis:  yep
reesa: LOL.... How do we do that???
asyndesis: Using the COMMENT command - I'll explain that in a later tutorial.

-K9- MASK:3643:*asyndesis@130.102.95.*
-K9- MASK:44577:*asyndesis@*
-K9- MASK:52739:*asyndesis@*

asyndesis: The last three lines in the access info are my IP address masks. I chat from three different accounts, so I have three masks. K9 will recognise me as long as I log on from one of those three places.

lisa: So, if I were to get on to chat next week from my SILs account, I'd need another mask, right?

asyndesis: Right. The 'asyndesis' part of the masks seems to be set by the Identd User ID you have set up in mIRC Setup Dialog - Identd tab. Either this, or your email username, depending on how your ISP is set up I guess. Note that the masks each have a separate number too - this is needed for some commands we will learn about another day also.

asyndesis: [Access_Parameters]
You can use other parameters with the access command if you don't want to see the entire list. For example: /msg K9 access #widesmiles will give you the access info for just that person. If they don't have access, or are using an address mask K9 doesn't recognise he will tell you they have no access.

Try it for your own access info now - /msg K9 access #widesmiles yournick

-> *K9* access #widesmiles asyndesis
-K9- USERID:     33209 NICK:psychreg
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/14/98 16:29:14 PaPM
-K9- COMMENT:$SND s-nach~1.wav bounds up to $NICK wagging his tail
-K9- MASK:3643:*asyndesis@130.102.95.*
-K9- MASK:44577:*asyndesis@*
-K9- MASK:52739:*asyndesis@*

Joanne: K9 has not recognized me in a long time -- can you tell me why? I use the same computer and the same access.
asyndesis: Maybe you aren't AUTHing Joanne - K9 only seems to register your attendance if you AUTH.
Joanne: I'm supposed to auto auth
asyndesis: I think you are Authed because all your commands work, don't they? - not sure on that one Joanne.
Joanne: I know I have to get Melissa to OP me cause k9 won't recognize me.

-> *K9* access #widesmiles Joanne_G
-K9- USERID:       495 NICK:mombear
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/07/98 17:33:00 PaPM
-K9- MASK:13078:*JoSmiles@*
-K9- MASK:40316:*JoSmiles@152.201.230.*

asyndesis: Well in that case the auth isn't working Joanne - hasn't been working for a week or so by the looks of your access info.

Joanne: :(

asyndesis: Try it manually: /msg auth #widesmiles yourpassword

Joanne: It did it... so why would it not do it the other night -- I tried repeatedly with that exact command

asyndesis: Maybe you needed an addmask

You can also bring up an access list for a certain user level. Like this: /msg K9 access #widesmiles = _____
Try that now too for level 450's (assistant channel managers).
Like this: /msg K9 access #widesmiles =450

-> *K9* access #widesmiles =450
-K9- Displaying up to 10 records starting with record 1
-K9- With user levels Equal to 450
-K9- USERID:     19476 NICK:werchy
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/09/98 20:00:34 PaPM
-K9- MASK:24985:*werchy@*
-K9- >
-K9- USERID:     21310 NICK:lisa_ann
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/14/98 17:36:08 PaPM
-K9- MASK:6417:*lhellwi@*
-K9- >
-K9- USERID:     30736 NICK:Carin
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/14/98 17:39:17 PaPM
-K9- MASK:52261:*CC@*
-K9- >
-K9- USERID:     36703 NICK:reesa
-K9- LAST SEEN: 08/14/98 17:46:58 PaPM
-K9- MASK:34600:*reesa@*
-K9- >
-K9- End of Access

reesa:  Cool!
asyndesis: :) You can also use a greater than sign > to bring up all users above a certain level.
Like this: /msg K9 access #widesmiles >1  Try that if you like too.

Carin: Says that channel isn't registered MASTER
Joanne: Check your spelling.
Carin: ok it's working, and I didn't misspell a thing :)
asyndesis: Ok, good Carin :) You can even mix and match those parameters to give combination
lists. For example: /msg K9 access #widesmiles >200 =75

What users do you think this would list?  Try it if you like, to see. /msg K9 access #widesmiles >200 =75

asyndesis: [Kick]

This is a basic chanop function to control unwanted behaviour in the channel. Basically we would usually warn someone about unwanted behaviour first, then kick if it continued, and then ban if it still didn't stop. However different misdemeanours would have different consequences of course,
depending on channel policy.

The syntax to have K9 do the kick is:
/msg K9 kick #widesmiles nickname

Joanne: Chris -- I have a kick popup. Can we do that for everyone?
asyndesis: Well the mIRC prefab popups use the IRC kick command - that will work
Joanne: ok
asyndesis: But I'm talking about how to use K9 to do the kick
Joanne: ok -- you just want em dog-bit.
asyndesis: The beauty of using k9 to kick is that you don't even have to be in the channel to do it.
Just say somebody managed to boot you off the channel using a /kick or even /ban command. Using K9 you could kick and ban them by messaging K9 from outside the channel. Then you could get a friend to sort out the bans inside the channel when the troublemaker was gone
Carin: why would you want to be out side the channel?
Joanne: He's saying that if some trouble maker kicked and banned you, you can still get rid of them
Carin: Got it

*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles

asyndesis: Oh no  - look a troublemaker!
Joanne: Want one of us to kick you? I can do that. hehehehe
asyndesis: Please everyone take turns kicking this troublemaker KickMe
lisa: What's the syntax again?
Joanne: Using K9......
lisa: And whose turn is it?
asyndesis: /msg K9 kick #widesmiles KickMe
asyndesis: You can add an optional reason to the end too
asyndesis: /msg K9 kick #widesmiles KickMe [reason/text]
lisa: like "for being a jerk"? Will K9 recognise that?

*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((Requested By: Joanne_G) Cause he told me to)
*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles
asyndesis: LOL. Anyone else?

*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((Requested By: lisa_ann))
*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles

-> *K9* kick #widesmiles KickMe This guy just won't learn!

*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((Requested By: asyndesis) This guy just won't learn!)

*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles
*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((Requested By: Joanne_G) Out, Out, Spot!)
*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles

Joanne: But the ban didn't work.
asyndesis: Can you kick him too Carin and reesa?

*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((Requested By: Carin))
*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles

Carin: ( I had to re-Auth, sorry)
asyndesis: Oh ok :)
asyndesis: How about you reesa - wanna kick KickMe?
asyndesis: /msg K9 kick #widesmiles KickMe [reason/text]

*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((Requested By: reesa))
*** KickMe (asyndesis@ has joined #widesmiles

asyndesis: Well done everyone :)
* Joanne_G rubs her sore toes
asyndesis: Now you will notice that KickMe's mIRC is set up to rejoin automatically on kick. Lots of people have that option turned on. So kicking is not really that severe a punishment.
lisa: Kind of defeats the purpose of kick, doesn't it?
asyndesis: Well it lets people know you weren't happy with what they did. They get a message like this: *** You were kicked by K9 ((Requested By: asyndesis) This guy just won't learn!)

Joanne: ahhhh but then you have BAN
lisa: I think that was going to be Chris's next lesson! LOL
asyndesis: Exactly - if you want them gone, and to stay gone, you have to BAN
Like this: /msg K9 ban #widesmiles [time of ban in minutes] [reason]
Joanne: Like.... /msg K9 ban #widesmiles KickMe 30 cause I said so ???
asyndesis: That's right :)
asyndesis: Now I'm not sure if this will work - I may get banned too because KickMe is me...
asyndesis: So I better teach you UNBAN too :)
asyndesis: /msg K9 unban #widesmiles nickname

To see the banlist type this:
/msg K9 banlist #widesmiles

Joanne: no bans
lisa: Yay! We have no bans!
asyndesis: K9 always has a time limit on his bans
asyndesis: If you don't specify a time it defaults to 24 hours
Joanne: can I ban KickMe with a time limit??
asyndesis: If you want to ban permanently, you should do this:
asyndesis: /msg K9 ban #widesmiles KickMe 9999999 Reason

*** K9 sets mode: +b *!*asyndesis@130.102.95.*
*** KickMe was kicked by K9 ((SetBy: Joanne_G) for demonstration purposes)
*** You were kicked by K9 ((SetBy: Joanne_G) for demonstration purposes)
*** Attempting to rejoin...
Session Close: Sat Aug 15 11:39:35 1998

Joanne: Ban should drop in one minute
asyndesis: That was good Joanne :)
Joanne: LOL. Sorry -- at least I only set it to one minute.
asyndesis: I thought I might get banned along with KickMe because we have the same address :)
lisa: Careful Chris, your multiple personality is showing! LOL
asyndesis: Does anyone else want to ban me for practice? I can unban myself from outside the channel if anything bad happens
lisa: Nah, I think I get the gist of it.
reesa: I've got the idea :-)

asyndesis: Oh yeah - now the ban worked on KickMe because he wasn't authed, but a lower level user can't kick or ban a higher level user

Joanne: But I kicked and banned you.
Carin: So you blocked me from kicking you, Chris?? LOL
asyndesis: You kicked and banned KickMe - who wasn't authed, so K9 didn't know it was me for sure. The ban affected me because I am at the same address as KickMe

Carin: I see Chris
lisa: So if we kick Dr. Jeckyll, we also kick Mr. Hyde?
asyndesis: That's absolutely right Lisa
lisa: Is banning sort of the chat-version of shunning?
asyndesis: I guess so - sort of exile :). Well that's the tutorial today :)

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