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Many of our children need extra calories for weight gain. Often we are advised to give them Pediasure, which can be very expensive. There is some help for families that cannot afford this. Also, Carnation Instant Breakfast can be made to mimic Pediasure by adding 8 oz of water instead of 12 to the measure for 12. Both products, evidently can be obtained more cheaply by using coupons issued by the manufacturer. The following information was posted to Cleft-talk:

If you would like to receive Pediasure coupons call 1-800-227-5767

Tell them it's for an infant under medical care and they will send coupons to you. Call every month for more they keep your name on file to get them.

Someone mentioned Carnation Instant breakfast: Call 1-800-782-7766 for coupons. They are more than happy to send them out.

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