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I am currently supplementing breast milk with powdered formula - 1 teaspoon per ounce to make 27 cal. breast milk.

Does anyone know how to make the concentrated formula 27 cals. or even 24. I am stopping pumping soon, so I need to increase the calories of the formula too. I know I could just add powdered formula to it, but I'd rather not have to keep buying powder too, it's just easier to dilute the concentrated less, ya know? Thanks.


I'm not sure what formula you are using, but if it is liquid concentrate (20 cal), this is how you mix it to increase calories:

24 cal: 1 oz of formula to 2/3 oz of water
27 cal: 1 oz of formula to 1/2 oz of water
30 cal: 12 oz formula + 8 oz water + 2 Tbsp of corn syrup

We have been on all of those with Justin. He's currently on 30 cal and gaining well!!! You can also use vegetable oil instead of corn syrup, but I wasn't quite sure of the measurement. I think it is 2-3/4 Tbsp of oil instead of the syrup. We tried that for awhile, but it's so greasy that it looks nasty. It separates as it sits and such, yuck.

Good luck.

My memory is fuzzy, so you will want to back up what I say with your ped. or with the nutritionist from the team. Instead of going 50-50 formula and water, which is 13 oz and 13 oz, I am pretty sure we went with 13 oz of formula and 9 oz of water. But it has been a long time and in Paul's case we only did that up to his 2nd surgery at 6 months. It really helped him pack on the pounds though and he was pretty chunky from 3-10 months! Now he eats like a 2yo and I am surprised he gains any weight!! It is so funny that we worked hard to get him to gain and now at 28 months he hardly eats!

I hated the powder cause I could never get it to be non-lumpy so we always used the concentrated even though it was pricey. Also, you will be switching to milk soon, right??? Isn't she almost a year old? The price drops dramatically after that and whole milk is pretty high in calories and fat.

Ok -- correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE!!!! -- but purely concentrated formula would be 40 calories (mixed 1:1 with water, you have 20 calorie formula) If you want 27 calorie formula -- you will want basically formula that is 67% concentrate, (27 being roughly 67% of 40.) So, you would mix 2 parts concentrated formula with 1 part water -- making the formula exactly 26.64 calories per ounce -- or pretty darned close to 27 calories.

So -- for 13 oz of formula, add 6-1/2 oz of water -- PLEASE CHECK MY MATH!!!!!!!!

Before you take my word for it though, talk to your doctor to make sure that would be safe.

Mead Johnson makes two products you might try: Breast milk fortifier and also a product called Moducal, which adds carbohydrates. You might check with your Dr or pharmacy. We had great success with the Moducal shortly after Steele was born.

"Did you know that there are only 100 calories in 5 ounces of Similac w/ iron? 237 in 8 ounces of Pediasure. Did you also know that Pediasure is  triple the price??? UGH! I thought of trying this until I saw the price of it!"

Response: Our PS's developmental pediatrician recommends (for babies over one year) using Carnation Instant Breakfast (CIB) instead of Pediasure. You mix 12 oz of whole milk (NOT the 8 oz the instructions say) with one packet of CIB and voila! You have CHEAP Pediasure substitute. They both have 30 calories per oz, very similar nutrition, similar protein/fat/carbo ratios, etc. You might consider it.

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